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              HIGH PERFORMANCE
              FACILITY SERVICES.

              Shift your facility to its most productive, attractive, and valuable position.
              Ranked Top Distributor - 2017

              Balance competitiveness with profitability.

              It’s a core part of what we do at Veritiv. As a customer, you’ll work alongside certified facility advisors who are well versed in your industry, to customize your program.

              Have a look at some of the strategies we use to make our customers more competitive.

              According to a study of 400 managers and employees, clean offices yielded a 5% productivity increase that translated into an estimated $125,000 a year.



              Uncover cost savings and stay
              competitive with workloading tools

              Veritiv ensures you and your employees get the most of your workday through an in-depth facility assessment. You’ll discover cleaning behaviors your staff needs to follow, proper allocation of people, and where to place commercial cleaning supplies to make facility cleaning more efficient.

              Standardize products to save money and increase visibility 

              Using the same professional cleaning products across your portfolio, with training on proper usage, helps increase your purchasing power—and eliminates waste. Product standardization also enables you to more easily identify issues and address their causes. Now that’s efficiency.

              learn more

              reliable products

              green gauge


              Did you know up to 25% of the points needed for LEED® certification can be obtained strictly through green cleaning activities? Veritiv can help you implement, track and measure a green cleaning program to make your building more marketable and to increase LEED certification levels.

              Explore GREEN CLEANING Programs

              Order, spend, and track smarter with exclusive technology available 24/7

              Use our top-of-the line facility solutions technology to:

              • Track product usage, create predictability for budgeting, and make ordering and replenishment simple and secure, as with our exclusive SmartSync™ system
              • Improve customer service through WANDA, our virtual assistant
              • Determine the right machine to use

              Train employees to boost efficiency  

              Gain an edge on the competition by training employees on proper applications for the safest and most effective results. They’ll learn from the best: Veritiv Advisors, who are highly educated and trained on every commercial cleaning product and piece of equipment we sell. 


              You can cut costs by 10–40%, and improve productivity by 12–52% just by applying LEAN principles.1 Take this quick 3-question evaluation to see how LEAN your cleaning is, and identify hidden wastes that are costing your facility.

              1 Using Lean Manufacturing to Reduce Costs and Improve Quality. BusinessKnowledgeSource.com

              See how much you could save