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              As a distributor and employer, Veritiv has an interest in public policy initiatives at all levels.

              We promote understanding, as well as strengthened interactions and communication, among distributors, customers, suppliers, and communities, and the people who make decisions that impact these groups. Veritiv participates in public policy dialogue where our business interests are called to attention.

              In the U.S., Veritiv serves communities across 44 states.

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              Learn about the priority policy issues impacting Veritiv’s operations.

              Transportation and Infrastructure

              Veritiv is committed to safely and efficiently moving our products, and we support balanced regulation that promotes safe and reliable roadways, job creation, and lower transportation costs to help us achieve this goal.

              Tax Reform

              Veritiv supports fiscally responsible, comprehensive tax reform for businesses and the creation of a modernized U.S. tax system and promote competition.  

              Labor and Employment

              Veritiv supports legislative efforts that allow us to provide a safe, diverse, productive, and rewarding workplace to employees; attract, develop, and retain new talent; and ensure a well-rounded talent pool for the future.


              Veritiv is committed to bringing the industry’s top product offerings to our customers at the best value possible. We import a wide variety of products in order to provide our customers with value-added solutions that address their needs.


              As a leading North American distribution company, Veritiv recognizes that our business has an impact on the environment – from our fleet and our facilities, to the products we sell. Veritiv holds an interest in the development of sound environmental policy within the transportation, distribution, and business sectors.