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              WE WORK TO MAKE IT GROW.

              Our packaging specialists focus their training and experience on specific industries. They can provide superior knowledge and insights related to your business and the market in which you compete.


              • Automotive
              • Computers and electronics
              • Fabricated metals


              Automotive & Heavy Equipment Expertise

              Driving results for some of the world’s leading auto manufacturers, Veritiv improves product protection, increases supply chain efficiency and reduces total cost of ownership for more than 350 automotive customers across North America. To watch our Automotive Capabilities video click here.

              Strategic packaging solutions from Veritiv drive results.


              • Improve speed-to-market
              • Reduce packaging costs
              • Protect products and materials
              • Navigate international markets
              • Maximize warehouse space and logistics


              Learn how Veritiv helped a major motorcycle company design sustainable, cost-effective packaging created to travel the globe.

              Learn More

              Medical Equipment & Supplies Expertise

              The importance of quality control in the pharmaceutical industry is clear. But at the same time, companies are trying to keep costs down and design more compelling packaging – not the easiest task bringing all three together. At Veritiv, we work with many major pharmaceutical companies and suppliers to create supply chain, logistics and packaging solutions that meet your challenges in both form and function.


              Discover how Veritiv helped a leading generics producer reduce costs, create aesthetically-pleasing packaging while still protecting their products and end users.

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              FOOD & Beverage expertise

              Food and beverage manufacturers have a unique challenge. They need safe packaging that meets regulations, all while protecting the quality of their products and boosting their brand’s appeal. At Veritiv, we have extensive experience working with food and beverage manufacturers to create packaging that works exclusively for them.


              See how Veritiv helped Navitas Naturals create packaging that helped them compete in a saturated market.

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              Fulfillment expertise

              Veritiv leverages logistics know-how, nationwide distribution centers and an expansive transportation fleet to develop a supply management solution that keeps you focused on running your unique business. You’ll also get superior supplier pricing to help you save money, and stay more consistent with your orders.


              Learn more about how Veritiv helped a parcel carrier save money and boost their core competencies with a fulfillment solution for them.

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              Aerospace expertise

              Veritiv’s dedicated aerospace experts provide tailored solutions to leading aerospace manufacturers. From tiered suppliers to OEMs, our packaging and MRO solutions drive operational efficiency, while our distribution and logistics resources ensure supply chain stability. This 360-degree approach can deliver a positive impact to the bottom line.

              Sample program offerings include:

              • JIT deliveries and dedicated stocking programs that help drive production efficiency and reduce re-work
              • Kitting of multiple products or packs to speed up packing lines or minimize fulfillment footprints
              • Tailored logistics solutions leveraging vast network of resources

              Contact a Veritiv aerospace specialist.


              Painting at Peak Efficiency.

              Discover how we helped an aircraft painting company achieve greater success with a solution tailored for them.

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              Contact a Veritiv packaging expert for more information

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