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              A SINGLE SOURCE FOR

              Veritiv Express combines printing knowhow and paper and packaging expertise with unique customer service to get your organization the supplies that help shape your success.

              Veritiv Express is a paper, printing and packaging supplies source that evolves with the changing demands of printed communications.

              We put you in the fast lane for getting the products you need with convenient order options, and get you access to people who know exactly what to look for along the way. Whether you’re printing brochures, proposals or posters, or just looking for packaging for samples and promotions, we can help you find your solution today.

              Look below to see what Veritiv Express can offer you.

              Paper is our first language.
              But we’re fluent in all things
              printing and packaging too.

              Find all the products you need to make your communications shine.

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              We’re paper people.
              Print people.
              Business people.

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