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              PEOPLE EXPERTS.


              Why Veritiv Express?

              We pride ourselves on understanding the ins and outs of your operation or your industry. We work with you to help ensure you’re better positioned for today, and optimized for tomorrow. We use our expertise in paper, printing and packaging to deliver a better customer experience, one that becomes your expressway to getting supplies easier, and comes with a deeper understanding of the things you might need for your next order. Schedule your pickup or delivery, and let’s work to find your unique solution.

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              Customer Service

              We offer convenient, efficient options to get you your supplies, including:

              • Same day “will-call” pick up
              • Free delivery on qualifying orders
              • Special offers and promotions
              • Purchasing options—online, email, fax or phone
              • Knowledge of equipment and the right products for it
              • Insight/understanding of the digital print industry

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              express location

              Customizable options

              Whether it’s a package, carton, pallet or truckload, Veritiv Express has what you need when you need it. Last-minute rush job? No problem. Same-day order fulfillment and pick-up options are available. Veritiv Express also allows you to customize your order with no order minimums, so whether your project is big or small, we can craft an order that works for you.

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              express representative